Save cost and time by sharing trucks

Share or use surplus truck space to reduce shipping costs up to 30%

Speed of delivery

Make more frequent and direct shipments by sharing the cost of the truck with other companies

Reduce Cost

Unused capacity from partial truck load shipment in our network will be utilized for a better rate

Seamless Planning

Integrated demand and shipment planning identifies best time to make the shipment


Sharing trucks will empower companies to make more efficient and frequent shipments. Here are some examples of how it works and creates value.


Viaopt will match high and low density products to optimize truck utilization in both weight and volume dimension

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Partial truck loads from multiple companies that are going to same direction will be consolidated with efficient multi-stop routes

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Capacity shortage is getting stronger in trucking

Shippers are struggling to find available trucks and rates are increasing. It is now the time to use existing capacity more efficiently.


Viaopt makes it possible to share truck space

Although the capacity problem is real, most of the truck space is underutilized. Viaopt makes it possible to share unused space or find space in existing shipments.